Getting "Unable to find available subscriptions for all your installed products." when trying to register 7.6

Ian Weekes Updated 2019-12-02T22:38:40+00:00
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I'm failing to register my rhel 7.6, when I do this sequence of commends:

[qa@ian ~]$ sudo subscription-manager remove --all
[sudo] password for qa:
Unit 59f94747-8d2a-42b6-a29b-9f5b2d49ddc2 has been deleted
[qa@ian ~]$ sudo subscription-manager unregister
Unregistering from:
System has been unregistered.
[qa@ian ~]$ sudo subscription-manager clean
All local data removed
[qa@ian ~]$ sudo subscription-manager register --username ianjsonar
Registering to:
The system has been registered with ID: b3f4174d-c61e-4410-ae9a-4eb8ae1432c2
The registered system name is: ian.local
[qa@ian ~]$ sudo subscription-manager refresh
All local data refreshed
[qa@ian ~]$ sudo subscription-manager attach --auto
Installed Product Current Status:
Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Status: Not Subscribed

Unable to find available subscriptions for all your installed products.

Any idea how can I register that rhel 7.6 system?

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