Cannot renew RHEL 7.6 Developer account subscription

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I'm having problem renewing a RHEL Developer account subscription, which expired a few days ago.
I performed the following steps, but still subscription-manager notifies me that: "Unable to find available subscriptions for all your installed products."

[qa@brendan ~]$ sudo subscription-manager remove --all
0 subscriptions removed at the server.
[qa@brendan ~]$ sudo subscription-manager unregister
Unregistering from:
System has been unregistered.
[qa@brendan ~]$ sudo subscription-manager clean
All local data removed
[qa@brendan ~]$ sudo subscription-manager register
Registering to:
Username: brendanjsonar
The system has been registered with ID: 7fe89b83-6ec2-423c-9476-062ab20d286a
The registered system name is: brendan.local
[qa@brendan ~]$ sudo subscription-manager refresh
All local data refreshed
[qa@brendan ~]$ sudo subscription-manager attach --auto
Installed Product Current Status:
Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Status:       Not Subscribed

Unable to find available subscriptions for all your installed products.
[qa@brendan ~]$ 

I also unregistered the system manually in, but the registration (with sudo subscription-manager register --username brendanjsonar --auto-attach) still complains "Unable to find available subscriptions for all your installed products."

Any idea how to renew my RHEL 7.6 system's registration?


Hi Brendan,

First things first, did you sign in to the developer portal and re-accept the current terms and conditions ?
If you didn't, do it - then execute the following commands, if it doesn't help, contact Customer Service. :)

Search for the Pool ID :

sudo subscription-manager list --available

Attach to subscription :

sudo subscription-manager attach --pool=<Pool-ID>