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I took both openshift courses (Red Hat Training) this year but unfortunately I had very little time to try/test this environment.
I will go to the exam by the end of December and I need some helpful hints or advice to pass it.

How to be well prepared to take the openshift exam?

Thanks and best regards, J.



Go prepared, as yields for each exam. Do not expect anymore information, as you must know each exam comes with a NDA.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hi Jerome,

Being well prepared is more than recommended - right as this is the case with all exams you want to pass successfully.
What you can do is set up a CodeReady Containers VM on a single node machine to play around and test OpenShift. :)



Thanks you for your answers and specially Christian for your useful information. I've already spent many hours implementing an openshift solution but I didn't know about codeready-containers. I think it is really what I need to exercice and play around with it.

Regards, Jérôme

You're welcome, Jérôme ! Please note that you have to recreate the environment every 30 days.
The next CRC version will get released around December, 1st ... Here you can check the status ->

Download the new version once it gets released ... then execute :

crc delete
crc setup

Cheers :)

Hi Jérôme,

FYI : Here is another possibility to check out and learn more about OpenShift -> Interactive Learning Portal

"Our Interactive Learning Scenarios provide you with a pre-configured OpenShift® instance, accessible from
your browser without any downloads or configuration. Use it to experiment, learn OpenShift and see how we
can help solve real-world problems."

Cheers :)

Great perfect.. ;) Thanks a lot, Jérôme

Gladly ... You're welcome, Jérôme ! :)

Hi Jérôme,

Short update ... a new CRC version (1.2.0) has been released ! :)


Hello Jerome,

Just one thing you need to know, the installer only works on a physical server. You need to read the hardware specs required to build the VM:

  • 4 vCPUs (read cores) available.
  • 8 GB RAM free
  • 35 GB free disk space (on the filesystem of /var/lib/libvirt/images for the virtual disk.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hello Jan, Thanks for infos Regards, Jérôme