Quota reservation in cloudforms

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Hi Folks,

i am just trying to understand the implications of quota reservation to specific tenants or projects in cloudforms. when we reserve (quota) resources to tenants, will the cloudforms freeze the resources in underlying hypervisor systems (or cloud) so that resources can be secured and instances can spun up ? or its just a check point which will prevent the tenant not go beyond the limit which has been defined in cloudforms ?. If thats case, capacity management should be taken care manually ? Please help me to understand this point.

In the meantime, you are trying to help me out on this query, i am also trying to simulate this situations so that i can find on my own way but your inputs are really greatful for me to get more insights in case if you came across this kind of scenarios already.


Hi Ajithkumar,

Did you find an answer to your question after the simulation you did ? Could you share the result ? :) Thanks :) Kind regards