rhel8.1 update broke my podman container storage connection

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The effected service is gitlab ci which is running under a podman container "docker.io/gitlab/gitlab-ee"

I ran dnf update yesterday and saw 800+ updates, I later found out this was likely the point release update from rhel8.0 to rhel8.1. Ok I let it run. Looks like it has updated podman. I rebooted the server because the update seems to have taken down some other services I was hosting on the machine. After the reboot my gitlab service running behind the podman container was not accessible.

It looks to me like the update has changed the locations of the libpod.conf and storage.conf files from system locations to /home/$USER/.config/containers, and also changed the storage locations from /var/lib/containers/storage to /home/$USER/.local/share/containers/storage

No matter what I do I cannot find a way to get the service back up and running with my old data. I'm going to start getting reamed next week if I can't get this operational again as we are on a tight timeline and this is going to effect my teams workflow.

Could anyone offer any help for what to do? I'm pretty disappointed my jump into enterprise linux as a goal of upping my sysadmin game has been so troublesome.