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Dear all,

I am not new to Linux but new to Red Hat. I want to try Red Hat Linux before I buy a subscription.

Online I saw the 30 days trail, after I signup and I want to download it, I saw that this is a server subscription.

Is there any trail subscription for workstation or is it possible to use this scriptions for workstation too?

Thank you for your help.
Best regards


Hi Christoph,

I assume you want to test the shiny new RHEL 8 - correct ? Starting with RHEL 8 we get a "unified" subscription.
Just select Workstation in the Anaconda installer during the installation process, and this edition gets installed. )


Depending on your work, this 12 month developer subscription may apply - https://developers.redhat.com/products/rhel/download

Hi Mike,

I was about to suggest this as well ... but as Christoph explicitly mentioned he wants to buy a subscription
I assumed he wants to use the system in production and the installation method I provided in my response
is the the same. The free no-cost developer subscription uses the same installation ISO files as the trial. :)


Agree. However, since Christoph is new to Red Hat, I didn't want to assume that he needed it for production, nor assume that he realized there was is a 12 month, no-cost developer version (which is often sufficient).

Welcome to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Christoph!