HPC Subscription Question with VM's

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Looking for some help here:

If I am setting up two clusters that are virtualized, there would not be any OS on the underlying hardware. VMware would be set up initially and then the Linux OS would be loaded as a “guest” in the virtual environment. With this being the case, how do I determine which VM would constitute a “compute head node” vs which wouldn’t – or is that even a thing in the virtual environment? We know the VM’s are compatible with RHEL Enterprise 7.6; however, I didn’t see any compatibility notes around the HPC licensing so want to be sure.

We already have the production cluster, which was a set of 7 physical servers, running HPC compute, data, and standard licenses respectively. The best information I can provide on how the VM’s will be setup are as followed:

Manager Nodes1, Database Nodes1, Master Nodes3, Worker Nodes3, Edge Nodes*1 = 9 nodes/env for Cloudera

Pending how the actual VM setup goes, would this equate to (3) HPC compute licenses and then the remaining (6) as enterprise? Or do we need to license all (9) for enterprise and then add (3) HPC licenses on top of it? Happy to spin up a call with any parties required! Sorry if I am making it more complicated than it is, last year we were provided incorrect information on the OS portion for this project which set us back quite a bit.

ANY help with this is appreciated. Thank you all in advance.