RHEL 8 - Ethernet and Wireless : kernel modules missing

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Hello :)

During the process of migrating to RHEL 8 I discovered a severe problem : Red Hat has removed some kernel modules from kernel 4.18 !
I installed RHEL 8 on an old DELL machine which shipped with a BROADCOM 44001 LAN adapter and an Intel 3945ABG WLAN device.
Whatever I tried, I was not able to connect the system to the internet/network - and hence I was not even able to ssh into the new server.
I found out that the b44.ko.xz, iwl3945.ko.xz, iwl4965.ko.xz and iwlegacy.ko.xz modules are not present, RHEL 8.0 comes without them !

To solve the problem I decided to install the mainline kernel (it includes the modules), I've chosen the version being provided by ELRepo.
I have no clue about the reasons behind why the modules were removed - on one hand systems are supported for ten years ... and on the
other hand older hardware is not supported any longer. I write this in order to make other users aware of this subject and to provide them
with a working solution. Akemi Yagi : Thank you and your team over at ELRepo, my "old beast" is running - you are doing an amazing job !



Hi Christian,

Thank you for sharing this.

iwl3945 is listed in Red Hat's document:


I can understand your frustration.

I must also commend ELRepo staff who helped me several times with some weird HP server problems. Very friendly, proactive, and knowledgeable team.


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)

Hi Dusan,

Most frustrating is the fact that we are not able to use the "original Red Hat kernel" shipped with RHEL 8 !
I would really like to know the reason for the removal. I hope that a Red Hatter sees my post, and contacts
the relevant team. Maybe it's possible they revoke the decision, and include the modules in edition 8.1 ? :)