Red Hat Satellite or Spacewalk ?

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Can anybody describe the difference between the two ? Which one should be used in case most of our systems are RH ?

And what about the future/roadmap of both products ?


Hi Przemek,

It is the upstream community project from which the Red Hat Network Satellite product is derived.

Everything depends on your usage model / support / SLA. Some companies prefers to have proper subscription with 24/7 offcial support. For some it's even mandatory to have it.

If you you are one of them - the answer is easy - Satellite.
In case you don't need it and downtime for this component is not major issue / you have local support guys who knows it very well and can recover working based on information on forums and working with community - you can consider spacewalk. It won't cost you anything as well.
Both will work fine.
I'm sorry I'm not adding any technical information - however I think you need to start with above. Once you understand your business / support model, check what you need it for (does it meet your requirements?). Only then you can go and compare it feature vs feature (spacewalk has it more - another question is - do you need it?) Regards,-Artur.

Thanks Artur - it clarifies some things. Especially from official support point of view.

Is the Spacewalk bleeding edge product and Satellite is the derivied from the the Spacewalk ? Or they are quite different

paths and one is going to be abandoned in the future (the "future" is the key word) ?

In general what is the roadmap for both ?

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I think the easiest way is to think about Satellite as Red Hat Enterprise and Spacewalk as Fedora.

Expectation is that what’s the best, desired and working fine in Spacewalk – will be implemented in future versions of Satellite.

To add to what Artur mentioned -

From the spacewalk FAQ you can refer "What's the difference between Satellite and Spacewalk?"

Regarding the roadmap, you can refer the presentations from Red Hat Summit 2013. I think this would be very helpful for you to get an understanding roadmap of the product. You can refer :

Using Red Hat Satellite Today & Into the Future
Other Presentations from 2013 Summit
Hope this helps to get some clarify on roadmap and differences between Satellite & Spacewalk


Thanks Paresh - it becomes more clear now what to choose.

Hello Przemyslaw Bak,
I realize you have long made a decision regarding the 2 products, but I want to post this for others with a similar question:

Satellite is a mature product, but it is not bullet-proof. As with any product out there, issues do arise. I have had to call Red Hat support multiple times regarding our Satellite (and if I recall correctly all the issue have been due to some operational issue that was caused by our own staff, not Satellite) and RH Support has always gotten us out of a jam. There are a ton of "moving parts" with Satellite and it's nice to have the expertise of RH Support to bail us out. I consider out Satellite to be our single most important box in our environment. Therefore, I want as much [expert] visibility into any issue we may have, 24x7!