Thin pool repair procedure

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I have a thin pool that has the metadata 100% full. I have read support article: I also read lvmthin(7) man page.
They appear to disagree with each other AFAIK.

RH KB says: "However, if metadata has gone full causing the corruption, don't run thin_repair or lvconvert --repair because it's no use trying to repair this metadata into a similarly sized metadata LV. This may cause a corruption, and if this happens, the only way to then recover the metadata is open a new Bugzilla or use existing BZ1497178 created for these situations. Please open a support ticket with Red Hat Technical Support in order to open a new Bugzilla."

man page says:
Command to repair a thin pool: lvconvert --repair VG/ThinPoolLV

Repair performs the following steps:
1. Creates a new, repaired copy of the metadata. lvconvert runs the thin_repair command to read damaged metadata from the existing pool metadata LV, and writes a new repaired copy to the VG's pmspare LV.

I am comfortable with LVM but I am new to lvm thin. I have never needed to perform a repair of it before. What is the right thing to do here?