During boot static ip configuration replaced by DHCP (solved)

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Since a month or two I had the weird experience that during a reboot the ifcfg-mynic got overwritten by a DHCP config, where I had a static ipv4 config created during installation.

Two weeks ago I opened a support case and this morning the engineers found that the clevis-dracut rpm is the cause of this behaviour.

The symptom was found by this command:

cat ./sos_commands/dracut/dracut_--print-cmdline

It was performed on an extracted sosreport.

--> https://access.redhat.com/solutions/3221171 shows you 99% of the solution.

The last 1% for me was, as I do not need the clevis-dracut rpm:

yum erase -y clevis-dracut


Hi Jan Gerrit,

Glad to see that the problem we've been discussing and trying to find a working solution for hours finally got resolved now ! :)