firstboot script on client

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Good Day.
Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in. I apologize if it is not.
I am sure someone here may have some information as this is probably not a new idea.

We have Vm systems running on VMWare. We made clones of the systems 6/7 OS for master gold images.
We are using the vmare to copy the clone image to a new system and ip/hostname etc.
What I am looking to do is run the as a first boot scrip that can pass some values so it will get the correct lifecycle environment and licenses etc.
Values to be passt for example will be :

Values in CAPS need to be entered from a build request from a user that we can pull in.

/tmp/ -s -l SOMEUSER-p PASSWORD-o 'ORGANIZATION' -L LOCATION -g HOST_GROUP -a "ACTIVATION_KEY-AK,ACTIVATION_Products-AK" --skip puppet --skip migration --install-packages=katello-host-tools-tracer --download-method=http --enablerepos=satellite-tools --force --rex --rex-user=USERID; yum -y install katello-agent

Any AIP calls we can use to the satellite?

I am just starting to dig into the APIs for satellite.

Looking here for starters.

Or if hammer is a better way to go that's OK too.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.