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I am looking for a solution to know the number of syscalls since the last reboot.



Hi Gilles,

I am not sure how useful that information would be, but one idea would be to enable auditing and collect stats.

For a group of syscalls, just follow this red hat document:


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)

Hi Dusan

Thanks for your reponse. But I just want to thin the number of syscalls. this damage is available on AIX but I can not find it under linux.


perf can count raw system call enters:

# perf stat -a -e raw_syscalls:sys_enter -I 1000
#           time             counts unit events
     1.000640941              1,250      raw_syscalls:sys_enter                                      
     2.001183785              1,901      raw_syscalls:sys_enter                                      
     3.001601593              1,922      raw_syscalls:sys_enter   

From here:

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your answer. But I'm not looking for a dynamic scan of system calls but just the number of system calls since the last reboot.


To my knowledge there is nothing on Linux which proactively keeps that statistic.

I'm aware that other OSes do this, but not Linux as far as I know.

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your answer.