subscription-manager attach - incorrect error message

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Just tried to attach a machine for the first time to my developer account.

I was seeing this error in /var/log/rhsm/rhsm.log:
RestlibException: HTTP error (401 - Unauthorized): Unable to make a connection using SSL client certificate.Please review proxy configuration and connectivity.

The actual problem was hidden, which I showed by editing /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/rhsm/ (around line 685) to output more:

{"displayMessage":"You must first accept Red Hat's Terms and conditions. Please visit","requestUuid":"8a458d3b-5edb-4889-8078-13c3cb7ac1fb"}


Hi James,

So did you follow the instruction and accept the terms and conditions ? Is everything working now ? :)
If not, please accept the T&C's and when you are still having the problem, let us know, so we can help.



Yes my problem is solved, but the only reason I found out is that I went into python files adding print/debug statements.

It would be good if someone fixed this for people in future who might not find their way to the correct error message.

Great James ! I'm glad you've got it solved. Well, in most of the cases everything just works - right as expected ... :)