Xrdp connection from Windows 10 to RHEL7.7 disconnecting with BLACK SREEN

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I installed Xrdp and tigerVNC on RHEL7.7 .

It has 4 users with names: admin, user1, user2,and user3.

All the users can able to connect to RHEL7 except USER2.

When "user2" tries to xrdp from Windows 10 (1903) it displays xrdp login screen and asks for login credentials.... then shows BLACK SCREEN and disconnects the xrdp session.

Connection with Xvnc and Xorg failing to connect remote access.

NOTE: admin, user1, and user3 can able to login normally using xrdp session. ( Xvnc and Xorg both working fine.)

I followd the below link to install:

Please guide me where to check to fix the issue.


Hi Shiva, have you solved this?

Hi Asaf,

No. Do you any inputs or you also have same problem? I am checking all xrdp related logs and journctl logs and dint find any clue.

I'm experiencing the same problem. I'm able to remote RDP connect from my windows computer using root or any account member of the wheel (only root account is supposed to be member of this one) group. But I can't make it using another user account not member of this group after the VNC authentication window, a black screen appears and then the session disconnects.