Containers using ipv6

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Is there any documentation on using ipv6 with the new container runtime i.e. podman/skopeo/runc/buildah? There is good documentation on how to publish ports via podman -p but this seems to only work with ipv4. How does a container obtain and use an ipv6 address?


I found my own answer. There were other options out there that either were not well documented for Red Hat's OCI (non-docker) implementation- for example macvlan- or options that are "not yet implemented" in Red Hat's podman command such as podman's --ip6= option. Another one was the "--network host" option that gave the container full access to the host's network stack which was undesirable for security reasons for me.

What I ended up doing was first to add another network adapter to the container host. Then, in cockpit, I edited the cri0 bridge and added this new NIC to the bridge Then after applying that change, I changed IPv6 to Automatic. After this, the cri0 bridge adapter obtained a public IPv6 address. Then, when starting a container, it also was able to obtain one. Problem solved!