Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 shuts down only a few minutes after being activated

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Start the server through Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 and minutes later it shuts down.
But when I start with Windows it has no problem.
And I checked the energy flow and everything is fine.
The problem started yesterday 04-Sep-2019
I clarify that the server is not overheated and has had no reason to shut down emergency.

I appreciate your help


Hi Carlos,

Your description lacks details, so some logical questions:

a) Is it a new installation, or just upgraded kernel?

b) Are there any error messages whilst the server is shutting down?

c) Whilst the server is up and running for several minutes, did you check the system logs for any errors?

d) Can you boot from previous kernel (if it exists)?

e) Can you boot kernel without GUI (if applicable)?

f) Can you test the server via SMART?

g) Overheating is the primary cause of unexpected shutdowns. Still verify it.

h) Another issue could be the intermittently faulty RAM.

Let us know how you go with basic checks.

Regards and good luck. Life is full of challenges, the magic is never to give up!

Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)