Uninstall packages with meta-package

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I'm creating a meta-package which would install a number of samba4-related packages and run some commands %pre and %post.
I then added the package to a channel in spacewalker to which I added only the servers that I would then manually install the meta-package.
Because I want to remove samba3 related packages, I added some lines in the meta-package spec's file, i.e.
Obsoletes: samba
Obsoletes: samba-winbind
Now this has the effect that upon installation of samba a warning appears on a server (that's not even in that channel) that the installation of samba is obsoleted by my meta-package.

What I'm trying to achieve is that a normal samba3 (and dependencies) installation should be possible as before, and that only upon manual installation of the samba4-meta package, the samba3 packages would be deleted and samba4 and dependencies would be installed

Could you advise me how I should go about this ?

Sam Van Kerckhoven