Installation Problem Rhel 7.0 on dell laptop

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I am new user to start Linux. I install Rhel 7.o on my class Lab using USB . But I can not install my laptop.

It start Anaconda mode and can not select the Network option and the ISO image option.
1. Network setting
2. Installation Source
The same USB that I was installation my Lab.

Computer Information:

Bios Mode = UEFI
Company = dell
Configuration = corei3, 4GB Ram, 7 Generation
Partition = GPT

This is my Dell service tag : 8ckzw32 (you can check dell site)
It is better to see my laptop configuration.


Hi Ashraful,

Two things : firstly, make sure that you download the dvd.iso and not the boot.iso - then create the installation medium.
Secondly, why do you try to install the outdated version 7.0 ? Better install the latest stable version, it is edition 7.7 ... :)


Hi, Thanks for Replay . I use "rhel-server-7.0-x86_64-dvd.iso" I make bootable USB and use this ISO


Hi Ashraful,

Please re-read what I said in my first response ... RHEL 7.0 is outdated - it was the initial release.
Many bugs and security issues have been fixed since, so please download and install RHEL 7.7. :)


please install latest version only. If you want to use RHEL 7 then go for 7.7 or alternatively you can use 8.0 [it is recommended to wait till 8.1 : but 8.0 is super cool I am already loving it, can't wait till 8.1 :) ]

It looks like you have downloaded wrong ISO or you can't connect to internet (Your wifi is not showing up? I had this problem using 7.0 [I was using Lenovo laptop for RHEL). Please let us know if your problem is solved.


I completely concur with Christian and Sayed above. Besides the resolution of many security fixes, there are many other relevant improvements since RHEL 7.0. you're more likely to have issues with 7.0 than using 7.7 since it was the initial release of RHEL 7.



p.s. see Sayed's post above about the proper ISO. RHEL 7.7 server link

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 Binary DVD 
Last modified: 2019-07-28 SHA-256 
Checksum: 88b42e934c24af65e78e09f0993e4dded128d74ec0af30b89b3cdc02ec48f028 
4.19 GB

If you are using server, pick server. If you are using workstation, use workstation. In both cases, use the binary DVD which is about 4.xGB



Hi RJ,

Thank you ! The more professional members agree - the better ... oh, and by the way,
I've already provided the RHEL 7.7 download link in my first (and second) response. :)


Yes, I have successfully installed RHEL 7.7 that you suggestion. Thanks

Glad you could get it done, Ashraful ! :)