Cannot monitor screen is locked soon after login to desktop

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Problem description:
Click Lock menu soon after login desktop, the screen is locked, but there is no org.gnome.ScreenSaver related dbus generated, looks in this case, dbus system is not well initialized or stable.

I need one way to monitor whether screen is locked, do you konw whether there is stable way to capture screen is locked at this situation? thanks a lot.

Details, please refer to bug


btw, when screen is locked, use loginctl to query session status, LockedHint=no.

[root@redhat76 screen]# loginctl show-session 7847 Id=7847 User=298401104 Name=chenyu Timestamp=一 2019-10-14 13:33:01 CST TimestampMonotonic=3983774280512 VTNr=0 Display= Remote=yes RemoteHost= Service=gdm-password Scope=session-7847.scope Leader=28468 Audit=7847 Type=x11 Class=user Active=yes State=active IdleHint=no IdleSinceHint=1571031521705284 IdleSinceHintMonotonic=3984114002882 LockedHint=no