RHEL 8.1 Beta GNOME GUI issues

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With RHEL 8.0 and Fedora 30, when you enable the Applications Menu, Places & Window list (using gmome-tweaks) the Activities menu goes away as it should (because clearly the user wants a traditional interface). In this situation there is a link to Activities at the bottom of the Applications menu so you can do things like add and remove things from your favorites (I don't know of any way to do it).

With RHEL 8.1 when you do the above the Activities menu remains. I would consider this an accidental bug if not for the fact the Activities link at the bottom of the Applications menu is missing.

This is a disaster, because people who install the traditional interface do so because they cannot live with the art-house tablet nonsense of the "Activities" interface. Getting rid of "Activities" is the only thing that makes GNOME usable for me. Now, random mouse movements even bring up the "Activities" garbage, I don't even have to intentionally click on it, so there is no way to escape it.

Does anyone know if there is a way to return to the previous common sense behavior? Alternatively, is there a way to forcefully disable the "Activities" nonsense?


Hi Ian,

You may want to check out the Activities Configurator Extension.
Here you can find information - about what you can do with it ... :)


I don't wish to appear stupid, but after two hours of stumbling around I have no idea what to do with that site. I downloaded the configurator and have no idea what to do with it, and there appears to be no documentation about how to install it, only on what it can do. It is a zip file with a bunch of .js files in it. The top of the page talks about controlling GNOME extensions from a browser (which isn't what I want to do) but installing the browser extension is pointless because it needs a backend on the Linux box that isn't available for RHEL8, and I don't think that stuff applies to the configurator anyway. No clue what to do with the zip file.

In the interim I have installed the extension "No topleft hot corner" which has stopped the kindergarten interface from randomly surprising me, so my sanity is slowly returning.

I cannot fathom the mentality behind the changes to default behavior between 8.0 and 8.1-beta, particularly as GNOME is now being forced upon us from 8.0. There are a lot of Linux users who hate GNOME (me being one) and forcing us all to use it is dangerous enough, but removing our capacity to get rid of the reasons we all hate it really is over the top.

OK further digging with the "Software" application reveals that "Activities configurator" can be installed as an extension from the GUI, manual installation from GNOME's web site isn't necessary. This, along with the gnome-tweak tool should be installed by default to give users an exit from the worst of GNOME's madness.

Hey Ian, seems the suggestion I've provided in my first response lead you to achieve what you wanted ... :)

Great - but why spreading your frustration ? It's better to search for solutions. Once RHEL 8.1 (Final) gets
released, you might be able to install an alternative desktop environment from the EPEL repository, later.

Please bear in mind that RHEL is not aiming at desktop usage in the first place, the main focus is to provide
a secure and stable server production environment. And GNOME is not that bad, just try to get used to it. :)


The changes to the default behavior are a massive "screw you" message to the users. It is more removal of choice. It is now more difficult to make GNOME usable.

Hi Ian,

I suggest you wait until the final version of RHEL 8.1 gets officially released - and then judge ... :)