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Hi There,

I'm just wondering about the subscription model for JBOSS Products in some scenarios, for example:

1- Do I need to buy JBOSS EAP Subscription for My JBOSS Data Virtualization environment which already have an active JBOSS Data Virtualization Subscription? (currently tailored for total number of servers cores where it's installed)

2- Do I need to buy JBOSS EAP Subscription for my JON installation which is monitoring the Middleware Infrastructure (JBOSS Data Virtualization, BPM, Fuse, etc all of these already subscribed with support)

3- If I have bought Subscription Support for my FUSE installation, do I need to buy AMQ Support Subscriptions or its included with FUSE?

Thanks in advance for your opinions/recommendations.




Hi Armando,

Best would be to contact the Red Hat Sales team in order to get your questions answered correctly. :)