Conflicting Instructions - systemd config for tang

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On this RHEL 8 documentation page:

Step 5 for setting up the tang server suggests editing the the port number of tang in this file:


However, by default, that is just a symlink back to the /usr/lib version of tangd.socket and may be overwritten by future RPM updates. The systemd documention says to copy this to /etc/systemd/system and then edit it and do a systemctl reenable .

Even other parts of the RHEL 8 documentation agree that this will be potentially override by normal patching and suggest (section 3.5.4) copying the /usr/lib/systemd/system/ version to /etc/systemd/system/, then doing a reenable and daemon-reload.


Please fix this documentation as this might cause critical production outages.


Hi Nathan McGarvey,

Thanks for posting in the Red Hat public discussion area. The best way to submit a fix for this is with a case with Red Hat. Red Hat employees sometimes examine the discussion area, but an issue that you present is best fixed with a case with Red Hat. Generally, much of the replies are from customer to customer (example, I do not work for Red Hat)

You can use this link to submit a case.

You could copy & paste your original description above for the body of the case.



Hello Nathan,

Just to make visible that the solution is in progress - we are also discussing this problem in - I would like to propose that we continue only there.

Thank you for your very good catch, we are working on it.