Nvidia driver failing to install

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I am trying to install nvidia driver on Precision 7920 running rhel 7.6 kernel 3.10.0-957.21.3.el7.x86_64.

I performed the following steps:
1. Lspci – determine gpu
2. /etc/default/grub
a. GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX added rdblacklist=nouveau nouveau.modeset=0
3. Grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/redhat/grub.cfg
4. /etc/modprobe.d
a. Blacklisted nouveau
5. yum install kernel-devel.rpm
6. Set machine to boot into text mode
a. Systemctl get-default
b. Systemctl set-default multi-user.target
c. Systemctl get-default
7. Rebooted

After performing these steps I tried to run the NVIDA driver installer and was given an error of stating that it could not find the kernel path tree.

I specified the kernel-source-path=/lib/modules/3.10.0-957.21.3.el7.x86-64/build/

This still did not recitify the issue.

When I looked at my /lib/modules/kernel/build the link shows as broken.

What am I missing to get this issue resolved? Im at my wits end.


Anyone know anything? This is still an issue and still cannot load any driver. I have tried current and previous 4 versions. Still the kernel source path is supposedly not found.

Hi Nathan,

Please make sure that kernel-headers are installed as well. :)


Nathan, I was about to type exactly what Christian Labisch wrote above. Give that a shot



I just tried to do this and it still fails? is there like a kernel-header rpm that i could try installing? I have the kernel-devel installed.

Hi Nathan,

Execute sudo yum install kernel-headers ... and by the way, I recommend to upgrade to RHEL 7.7 before. :)


I am redownloading my repos. gonna reload them onto the desktop. do a yum clean all and see if it will pull the new repos and see if that works. I will let you know how it goes.