What are my options for adding a second subscription?

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I currently have RHEL8 Workstation (self-support) for 1 year. I have a second system I would like to install RHEL8 on with an identical subscription of what I have now. What are my options? It's my understanding that my current subscription only allows one installation.


Hi Sanne,

You need to buy a second subscription.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Shane Yost,

I noticed you have a self-support subscription. Red Hat offers a development entitlement (you must make an agreement with them you are using it for development, not production). So if and only if your system happens to legitimately fit the role of development. The link here explains it further. This is self-support as well. No it is not desktop/workstation, but you can install "Server with Gui" and have the equivalent of a workstation (as they state at developers.redhat.com)



Hi RJ ~

I noticed when I first created an account with RHEL I was given a "RedHat Developer Subscribtion" w/ self support. Is this what you're referring to? Thanks for the this reminder.

Cheers ~ S

Once a year, you have to re-agree or renew the subscription. Logging into developers.redhat.com with your Red Hat credentials will often trigger the renewal.

Otherwise, contact Red Hat support and let them know you need assistance with renewing your Developer Subscription. But first, see this link and also this link