Cannot complete boot after kernel upgrade

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I have tried both rpm and yum to update the kernel. I have tried a baseline image with no changes to sysctl.conf.
/ is 13% full and /boot is 4% full. The boot proceeds until about the last several lines of text, usually hangs on "Started Virtualization daemon".

I have verified I am using the correct versions for the OS. I have 7.6 workstation. I have tried to update to 957.27.2 and 957.10.1.

I am able to boot into the old kernel and the recovery kernel.


Hi Lawrence,

Try to turn off or disable that service daemon and then boot into newer kernel. Check if this works. If this works then try to start the respective service after the system boots into newer kernel and see if it throws any error messages that could help you to diagnose further. If this doesn't help then try to re-install the respective kernel package and test.