Network drive not mounting after reboot

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Hi all,

I have a weird problem where by after a reboot of one of the RHEL6 server, the network drive does not get remapped.

The drive is listed in the /etc/fstab file however, does not get mounted.

Does anyone know of an argument/option that I can add to force/persistent the network drive or even add a delay so that it will get mounted properly?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Philip,

Please share the contents of your /etc/fstab or the network drive that you've mentioned your statement to see how it is mounted and what are the mount options provided? Does the drive gets mounted if you run 'mount -a' command after reboot? Please explain.

Hi Sadashiva, Sorry for the delay in replying. It is in this format:

// /server/backups cifs credentials=/etc/blah 0 0

Most of the time it works without any issues but occasionally, after a reboot (ONLY after a reboot), the drive does NOT get mapped. I suspect that a delay will fix this problem but I do not know how to add that to this path??

Yes, doing a mount -a, mounts the drive without any issues. Credentials are NOT the issue either.

In other words, an argument/option to either make this persistent or to add a delay would fix this issue.

Thanks once again.

Hi Philip,

I read about similar issues being discussed in another thread where adding "noauto,x-systemd-automount" as mount options could fix the issue. I'm really not sure about this, however, it is worth to test it out.