More installable Errata then Server Count

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In the Satellite 6.4 web ui im seeing the below in ERRATA. The problem is we dont have 452 hosts. Any ideas why this is?

RHSA-2019:1481 Important: kernel security update Security Advisory - Important 230 Applicable, 452 Installable 6/17/19


That sounds strange but the underlying code sounds quite straighforward - it is plain postgres search beneath, and sum of the counts on top of it.

The only idea I have is some orphaned records cause the high figures. Can you try to clean that and regenerate applicability by running:

foreman-rake katello:clean_backend_objects
foreman-rake katello:import_applicability


Actually a verified bug in RH Sat 6

Ah right, nice bug with a trivial fix (and the bug was in the simple code I went through..).