subscription-manager results in "unexpected eof"

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/usr/sbin/subscription-manager attach --pool=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
unexpected eof

and this:

/usr/sbin/subscription-manager attach --pool=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

unexpected eof

What do the above errors mean? Redhat 6.9


and if I use the actual username/password, I get this:

/usr/sbin/subscription-manager register --username=xxxxxx --password='xxxxxxxx' --force unexpected eof

Hello Ilya Beloozerov,

The info at this link might be useful, please advise us if it helps you.

This solution link I am posting here is for satellite 5.x, please see if this is a fit

I see from your original post that your client is RHEL 6.9. I'm genuinely curious, is your system directly connected to Red Hat? Do you use a Satellite server? If you do use a Satellite server, what version of Satellite do you have?

After running that command - be ready in another terminal window and examine any logs written to (go to /var/log and do an ls -ltr and see what are the most currently written-to logs, and dig for any possible clues.

Bear with me with this specific line here - you're running the subscription-manager command as root, right? Just curious.

What is the output of subscription-manager status? Also, please examine this link

Please let us know how this goes above. Wish you well with this, post back and someone should chime in.