Supermicro server installation fail. No disks detected.

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Hi. I am installing the recent rhel 8 on a Supermicro server. This one:
However, the lists don't get detected during install.
Interesting enough, the recent centos 7 does install on the machine using the same USB Drive. No raid used. Sata in ahci in mode.


Does your device use one of those drivers that were removed from RHEL 8? If so check out this thread.

You will find a list of device IDs of the removed adapters in RHEL 8.

I guess so -- how do I patch the installation iso?

I'll try installing with the DUD disk according to you recommendation at By the way -- do you think RHEL is worth the effort or I should stick to centos for my RT linux application?

Used provided DUD iso files. Selected the packages with dd.inst. However, disks are still not visible.