Unable to join a machine with a bonded interface to satellite 6

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When I try to join a machine using subscription-manager register I get this error.

HTTP error (422 - Unknown): Validation failed: Attached to can't be blank

I looked through the logs and it looks like it is unable to determine the slave nics of the bonded interface. Is there a way to specify that on the system? Like a file in /etc/rhsm/facts/?



This seems to have been recognized as a bug upstream. This issue appears to be fixed in foreman 1.24.0. Seems to occur when one member of the LAG is online and the second member is down. Satellite 6.6 currently has foreman-


Yea - I opened that foreman bug, Sorry I didn't reply to this thread earlier - they let me know it was fixed 1.24 which should be out soon.

I had exactly the same error. I used the bootstrap with the --force --unmanaged --ignore-registration-failures to add the host to the foreman configuration. Once the record got created - i edited the interfaces in the server entry. I changed the bond int to be the primary interface. Once this was saved, i re-run the bootstrap and the subscription-manager completed.

Indeed. It appears the way the bond is created may be the issue. If the interfaces are named automatically, NetworkManager will create ifcfg-bond0_slave_1 and ifcfg-bond0_slave_2 but entries for the primary and secondary interface, which in my case were ifcfg-eno1 and ifcfg-enp5s0, got created as well.

This was not an issue if I used nmcli to create the bond and used the interface names as the bond slaves. This was also not an issue with unmanaged interfaces, the duplication seems to create the confusion and an orphaned entry in Foreman.

Yea - I made the LACP bonds using modprobe.d/bonding.conf, and then in the network scripts is where I said which interfaces were the master and the slaves. I didn't use NetworkManager.