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when is recommended to use ceph and when to use glusterfs?
what is the difference between those?


Hi Marius,

DDG (DuckDuckGo) suggests two (among other) useful articles that explain advantages/differences in an understandable way. :)

Big Data Storage Wars: Ceph vs Gluster

Conclusion :

Deciding whether to use Ceph vs. Gluster depends on numerous factors, but either can provide extendable and stable storage of your data. Companies looking for easily accessible storage that can quickly scale up or down may find that Ceph works well.
Those who plan on storing massive amounts of data without too much movement should probably look into Gluster.

Glusterfs vs. Ceph: Which Wins the Storage War?

Conclusion :

Ceph is best suited toward the rapid access of unstructured data, which constitutes the vast majority of files in the world.
Gluster is better for sequential data access, like streaming video, or for applications where speed isn’t as important, like backup.