Is there a way to see what content view the host is using, from the host.

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I would like to check from the host what content view the host is using, I know this can be done from the satellite using 'hammer host list' command, but I am looking to check from the actual client.


Hello, if I enter

 ~]# subscription-manager repos --list-enabled

looking at the repo ID I can recongise it, but its clearer in the URL, after /custom/ I see the CV name.

Thank You for the reply Stephen, The above command shows you the Life Cycle environment but it dosnt show you if you are using "Default Organization View" or a any custom views.

It does show me the CV name:

# subscription-manager repos --list | grep URL
Repo URL:$basearch/sat-tools/6.4/os

Here, RedHat is organization name, Library is Lifecycle Environment, and cv_tools_only is the CV name.

In case the Content Host is in Default Content View, then this subdirectory is missing in the path, and the path looks like:$basearch/sat-tools/6.4/os

So until you have a Content View named content, no confusion :)

Yes you are correct, I was just hoping to see "Default Content View" Thank You


Sorry that was not helpful. I searched the Knowledgebase but found nothing helpful.

It is possible to install hammer on a system other than the Satellite if that helps. Then you could use "hammer host info --name <>" from that system even. But I guess that would be too much trouble. Maybe a curl to the API?


You could use "hammer host set-parameter" to write the info to the host.

this is interesting:

EDIT: No, that would still require hammer or Satellite to view the info, not exactly what you want.