[solved] Registering and unregistering when powering-on and -off

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I have a small concern about registering and unregistering systems. I'm using Red Hat Cloud Access - I'm running RHEL in Azure with my own subscriptions. My solution is using scaling on demand, generating new RHEL instances from custom image. Hostnames are dynamic. Am I allowed to register system when it is starting and unregistering when system is shutting down? Those VMs are not long-living VMs - solution itself, yes.


I don't see any issues if you have the same amount of VMs running at the same time as the numbet of subscriptions you have.

Verify with customer support, imho it is not allowed.

For the VMs are still installed, if you start more VMs than the amount of subscriptions, the registration will fail, but the VMs will work.

Jan Gerrit, he is referring to autoscaling. This means VMs are removed when not needed.


So the removal script should do the unregistration, not the shutdown.

Still my advise: ask customer service or a Solution Architect.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Script is unregistering. In fact it is in systemd unit. When VM is going down, systemd is unregistering it.

OK, problem solved. I will leave answer here for future:

"Yes, if you are using Red Hat Cloud Access program then you are eligible to do that, You can register and un-register the systems as per your requirement."

Hi Michał Smereczyński,

Could you add [solved] to the title, please?


Jan Gerrit

Done :)

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hi i deployed RHEL 6.2 and trying to add subscription details i am not able to subscribe may i know is there any different way to subscribe