RHEL 8 or RHEL 7 and Software Collections

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In an effort to upgrade web servers, and PHP in particular, we are looking at upgrading to RHEL 8 or using RHEL 7 and Software Collections. Which would be the best course?

Note:I am not sure I have chosen the proper product category under which to submit this discussion.


"Best course" for just about any technical decision depends on the criteria you're using to evaluate: we can't really tell you which course is going to be best for your specific use-case ...without you providing more information.

For example, for many enterprises, moving to RHEL 8, today, would be a non-starter. Internal security/authorization processes are typical reasons for being able to move from one release to another.

Dealing with SCL can be a bit annoying to implement, however. Depends on what all you want to do with the SCL components and whether you need to integrate SCL stuff with external stuff.

Hello I suggest you use RHEL 7 until like for next 8-12 months. Because many applications don't support RHEL 8 yet. For example, oVirt (RHV's Open-Module) or applications which run on python <2.7 . In RHEL 8 Python 3.6 is default and there are new repositories which are called as App-Stream Repositories. So at-least wait till the next release of RHEL which is RHEL 8.1.

Thank you for the replies. Primarily we are interested in Apache httpd, PHP and it's assorted modules, MariaDB, and the EPEL repository for things like collectd, Puppet, fail2ban, etc.

Umm.. EPEL is not yet ready for RHEL8 (Just in case). To track EPEL status, go to this link.