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What are the new features of RHEL7.7 and when will be the final release of RHEL7.7


Hi Kailas,

You will find information about new features (and everything else) in the RHEL 7.7 Beta Release Notes.
When will the final edition being made generally available ? As always : "It's ready when it's ready !" ... :D
Red Hat does not (and never did) provide official statements about final release dates before a release.


Yeah! RHEL 8 took almost 6 months to get out of Beta! And RHEL 8 took 6 years to get released after RHEL 7 which was the longest release.

Hi Venkat,

I assume it won't take that long this time, as the jump from 7.6 to 7.7 is a minor point release. :)


I did a quick look at past time scales and the gap between a point release beta and the full release and I would estimate around 2 or 3 months in this case, but we won't know for certain until it is actually released.

I just saw a new RHEL 7 kernel was released today. Any ideas if a full RHEL 7.7 release might drop this week?

Hi Brian,

No, no idea ... nothing has changed - what I've said still is valid : "It's ready when it's ready !" :)


The new kernel doesn't say anything about the RHEL 7.7 release as it is a RHEL 7.6 kernel from the numbering (ie. starting 3.10.0-957.) On the other hand we are approaching 2 months after the RHEL 7.7 beta release on June 5th which the right sort of timescale between a point release beta and the final release.

it seems RHEL7.7 is due out today is it? and if yes is the below kernel will be in it. kernel-3.10.0-1062.el7

Yes Kailas, RHEL 7.7 was released today and it shipped with with kernel 3.10.0-1062.el7 ... :)


ok good news. Thanks

You're welcome, Kailas ! :)

is there any errata page where I can see new kernel release for RHEL7.7 I am so excited to have a look. RH Kbase is also ok

Hi Kailas, you may want to check out Details and the Change Log by using the Red Hat Package Browser ... :)




Why you guys are not using RHEL 8. I always love new version. And there are so many cool things about RHEL 8. I am super excited and can't wait till EPEL repo will be released. I will replace my Laptop OS entirely by RHEL 8.

Hi Sayed,

Many (business) users are waiting until at least for the first point release of RHEL 8 ... main reason : stability ! :)


Some groups of people do not early adopt a major release of Red Hat until they are allowed to by their security office. In the case of government entities, and many banks, they wait for something called "Common Criteria" to be established which is one of the initial steps to getting all the known issues identified and a security baseline.

While something called STIGs (not the British character on the entertaining UK show) are obviously relevant to government entities, it is a reflexive mistake to think STIGS are only for government groups (they are not). Many non-government groups/agencies/companies use STIG guidance or some form of SCAP-related security postures/profiles.

What I've described in principle above also exists with some major corporations who have their own non-STIG security protocols and processes.