What repo for a desktop client is libguestfs-winsupport located in

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I have looked in rhel-7-desktop-rpms and optional, extras, and supplementary looking for this install.

Does libguestfs-winsupport not come with RHEL 7 - Desktop?


Hi Nathan,

This package isn't available for the RHEL 7 Desktop edition, I'm afraid, for the RHEL Server edition it is. :)


Thanks Christian for your assistance. May I ask, with the link you provided there is listed the package rpms for libguestfs-winsupport.

Will downloading and rpm --install those packages, install the program for my desktop client? or will I need other dependencies to get libguestfs to work?

Hi Nathan, just check out if it works or not ... I don't have a desktop subscription, I'm using the server edition. :)


trying it out today. so far not looking too good with just installing the rpms. Will let you know how it turns out.

Thanks for the feedback, Nathan ! That's what I've expected somehow, because otherwise it
wouldn't make much sense to not making the package available in the Desktop repositories.

Well, there might be an alternative possibility - do you know that you can get a free no-cost
RHEL developer subscription ? With this subscription you'll have access to the server repos.
If you don't have to use the software on a production environment - it could be an option. :)


This has to be done on a rhel desktop. Server isnt an option for this workstation. I have the developer subscription and find it extremely useful for testing and such.

Okay Nathan, that means there are no options left - this package exists only for RHEL and
CentOS. If yum install doesn't pull necessary dependencies (in case they are needed), you
unfortunately will have to drop the idea using libguestfs-winsupport on RHEL desktop ... :)