What is the highest version of SMB supported by RHEL8

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I cannot find the answer to the subject via my phone (no man page in front of me).

What is the highest version of SMB protocol supported by the RHEL 8 kernel and mount.cifs?

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Good question!

The Linux CIFS client in RHEL8 recognises up to SMB v3.11, I'll include the version table from the client below this message.

However, be aware that Linux CIFS probably doesn't support all features that Windows clients do.

If you wonder about a specific feature, the Samba project tracks the kernel module changes at: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/LinuxCIFSKernel, or you're very welcome to open a support case to ask us, or the upstream linux-cifs mailing list could probably answer too.

 300 static const match_table_t cifs_smb_version_tokens = {
 301         { Smb_1, SMB1_VERSION_STRING },
 302         { Smb_20, SMB20_VERSION_STRING},
 303         { Smb_21, SMB21_VERSION_STRING },
 304         { Smb_30, SMB30_VERSION_STRING },
 305         { Smb_302, SMB302_VERSION_STRING },
 306         { Smb_311, SMB311_VERSION_STRING },
 307         { Smb_311, ALT_SMB311_VERSION_STRING },
 308         { Smb_3any, SMB3ANY_VERSION_STRING },
 309         { Smb_default, SMBDEFAULT_VERSION_STRING },
 310         { Smb_version_err, NULL }
 311 };