JBoss EAP7.1 Integrated ActiveMQ Artemis message redistribution in cluster mode does not work

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After following item 29 of the https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_jboss_enterprise_application_platform/7.1/html/configuring_messaging/clusters_overview, redistribution test does not work.

Test Case: 1 jboss master and 2 jboss slaves. I created the "test-queue" queue in the artemis and posted a message on it. The message arrived on slave-1. This had no associated listeners for their correlationId and for this reason did not remove the message from the queue. The message should be forwarded to the next cluster machine (slave-2) according to the RedHat (redistribution-delay = 0 and message-load-balancing-type = ON_DEMAND) documentation. However the message was not redirected and remained in slave-1.

Any suggestion?

JBoss EAP 7.1 master domain.xml file:




We'd need to see your JMS client connection setup to start ... I can't see your domain.xml.

The message arrived on slave-1.

This makes it sound like whichever Artemis instance was named "slave" was live/active instead of the intended master instance, which probably means a configuration mixup.