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I am trying to upgrade our redhat operating system from version 6 to version 7. I am following the upgrade steps in the installation guide but cannot find the following packages on the download section under redhat 7.


Does anyone know where I can find them?



The preupgrade packages are run on a RHEL 6 box to determine if you can upgrade to RHEL 7. So you would need to look for them in the rehat 6 section rather than redhat 7. Specifically, they are found in the "extras" repo. (rhel-6-server-extras-rpms)

That being said, I HIGHLY discourage upgrading from RHEL 6 to RHEL 7. There are WAY too many problems and "gotchas." For example, RHEL 6 would work with a 250Mg /boot partition, but under RHEL 7, that is not enough room to have 3 kernel versions, the default number of versions to keep. RHEL 6 used Upstart scripts, similar to SysV Init scripts, while RHEL 7 uses systemd. Most of the time, you are better off building a second box with RHEL 7 and copying the applications and data to the new box. I have had to "upgrade" a number of RHEL 6 boxes, and every time a fresh rebuild was a better option.


Hi Frank,

Please excuse me, I forget to mention you in my response below. You were the first one to warn Brian.
Besides the fact that it is generally not recommended to upgrade from one major release to the next,
we know from many threads, here on the portal that especially upgrading from 6 to 7 leads to a mess.

Cheers :)

Hi Brian,

There are to few scenarios that the preupgrade-assistent gives a go to upgrade, so it is a weidt of time to install and run it.

Follow Frank's advise do a migration to a fresh install.


Jan Gerrit

I completely agree with Jan Gerrit.

There have been others who have gone down this path going from 6 to 7. --- I and others attempted to recommend to them they do a fresh install. Their system did not suffer the upgrade very well and they ended up creating a fresh new system anyway.

If you decide to accept the heavy risk, please take the time to harvest off all data you care about from the system, make backups of whatever is important on the system to include configuration files etc. Make sure the backup method you use is valid just in case the upgrade from 6 to 7 goes poorly (because it probably will). I would never do an upgrade from one major number to another (6 to 7, 7 to 8, etc). Upgrading a minor version (7.5 to 7.6, or 8.0 to 8.1 when it is available) is fine.



Hi Brian,

To underline what Jan Gerrit and RJ already told you - please do not even try to upgrade from RHEL 6 to RHEL 7 !
Perform a clean installation of RHEL 7.6 or take the opportunity to jump to the "latest and greatest" RHEL 8.0 ... :)