[VR] oVirt on RHEL 8.

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After installing RHEL 8, I wanted to set-up my virtual machines using oVirt.
But I'm not able to. I followed the Guide and when I try to install 'ovirt-engine' and 'cockpit-ovirt-dashboard' it's not. It's asking for dependencies like ansible which aldready installed on my host.
Can you please help me with the installation process?

Thank You.


I think I would hold off on trying to install oVirt on RHEL 8. The latest version of oVirt is set for RHEL 7.6 or CentOS 7.6. Even the latest nightly builds don't fully work with Fedora 28 yet. It may be possible to get it running on RHEL 8, but it is probably beyond me. RHEL 8 has only been out for a short time. I suggest letting the developers work out the bugs before trying to install it.


Thank You for the reply. So, the thing we can do is to wait until they support RHEL 8.

They finally released....