Unable to load the Fusion-IO driver in my RHEL 6

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Hello All,

I'm getting an error while loading the Fusion-IO driver in my RHEL 6 machine.

[root@server Utilities]# fio-status

Found 1 ioMemory device in this system
Driver version: 3.2.16 build 1731

fct0    Status unknown: Driver is in MINIMAL MODE:
                Device is missing midprom data
!! ---> There are active errors or warnings on this device!  Read below for details.
        PCI:42:00.0, Slot Number:4
        Firmware v7.1.15, rev 110356 Public
        Geometry and capacity information not available.
        Internal temperature: 40.36 degC, max 41.34 degC

            The ioMemory is currently running in a minimal state.

[root@server Utilities]# pvchange -xy /dev/fioa1
  Failed to find device for physical volume "/dev/fioa1".
  0 physical volumes changed / 0 physical volumes not changed
[root@server Utilities]#



Any suggestions?