adding host using bootstrap script throws error name already taken

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when I try to run bootstrap command I get below error

RUNNING], [2019-05-13 13:58:15], [Calling Foreman API to create domain associated with the org & location]
An error occured: HTTP Error 422: Unprocessable Entity
code: 422
data: {
"domain": {
"location_ids": [
"name": "",
"organization_ids": [
error: {
"error": {
"errors": {
"name": [
"has already been taken"
"id": null,
"full_messages": [
"Name has already been taken"
can anyone please advise?


Hello Shahid, are you trying to add a domain or just register a Content Host? Can you edit your post to include an example of the command you used?

There are examples in the Transitioning from Red Hat Satellite 5 to Red Hat Satellite 6 guide.

You can find built in docs on the Satellite's base system:

~]# rpm -qd katello-client-bootstrap