Install simple scan software in Red hat enterprise linux 8

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Hi guys,

I upgraded to Red hat 8 from 7.5 (fresh install). My BaseOS, AppStream and Supplementary repos are enabled. I want to install a very basic scanning software "simple-scan" (which was available with Redhat 7, 7.5) and I cannot find it in these repos. In which repo is it available?



I suppose you installed the el7 version from EPEL. You'd have to wait for them to release EPEL-8.

Hi Anish,

The package simple-scan is (and was) not available in the Red Hat repositories, it's available from the EPEL repository.
So, you must have enabled EPEL and installed it on RHEL 7 from there. Unfortunately EPEL is not set up for RHEL 8 yet.
Please be a little bit patient - and check regularly for the availability of the EPEL repository for RHEL 8 ... hope it helps. :)


Hi Christian

Thanks for your reply. Do you probably know when will EPEL for RHEL 8 will be available? Will it be available in the next few weeks?

Unfortunately not Anish, nobody can predict when it will be available.
But I guess the maintainers are working hard to get it ready soon ... :)


I think, its gonna take a while according to this wiki EPEL-8

Hi Anish,

Only the SANE suite is available as scan toolset.


Jan Gerrit

EPEL 8 repo is available now. How do I check if the package simple-scan is available in EPEL 8 repo without installing RHEL 8? I don't want to wipe RHEL 7.5 and install RHEL 8 again only to find out that the simple-scan is not yet available in EPEL 8 repo.

Regards, Anish

Hi Anish,

Visit this website to check and find which packages are currently available ... :)


It hasn't been built for EPEL, but is built for Fedora all the way up to 32, so it should be a simple task for a maintainer to do so. (RHEL8 is based on Fedora 28). See the Fedora Packages entry for simple-scan at

Note that packages in a previous version of EPEL doesn't necessarily show up automatically in next version, as this FAQ entry will tell you (valid also for EPEL8-): Why isn't a package in EPEL-7 when it is in EPEL-6?

People who need a package can follow this procedure to ask for it: Getting a Fedora package in EPEL

My experience with this procedure is very positive, but note you have to allow for time for the build to go through the QA testing phase, so it can sometimes take a couple of weeks. Plan ahead!

Thank you. I have asked the maintainer if he could add it.

Does anyone know where I can download this scanning software?

It's not in EPEL8 yet. I have send a request to the maintainer if he could add it to EPEL8. Lets hope he will add it soon.

Simple scan software is finally available in EPEL8.