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Looking for some info on how Subscription Manager works with yum. Currently have a system that I've unregistered/registered and attached subscriptions using attach --auto and attach --pool=poolid commands, but this doesn't seem to do anything as far as making repositories available through the subscriptions. I've even went to the customer portal and assigned subscriptions to the system I registered, then tried using the refresh option.

I totally wiped the files in the /etc/yum.repos.d/ folder and repeated the process above to see if they regenerate, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

I've manually edited the redhat.repo file using the contents of a sample file and replace the SSLclientcert and sslclientkey lines with those of my system, but when I do a yum repolist it gives me a HTTPS Error 403 - Forbidden. (My apologies if this seems odd, I'm a little new to this part of things and I'm just throwing out things to see if I can fix it).

Despite all my efforts when I run the subscription-manger repos --list command I still get "This system has no repositories available through subscriptions." message.

Anyone have any suggestions on any other processes or steps I could try to get things straightened out?


Hi Jay,

Not sure what you're doing there, but one thing's for sure : when you have "wiped the files in the /etc/yum.repos.d/ folder", how
do you expect subscription-manager and yum can be able to locate any repository ? If the system is correctly registered and the
subscription properly attached, all available and enabled repositories should be accessible - if not, contact Customer Support. :)


Hi Christian,

Seems issue was caused by the forced upgrade I did. I know you guys said it wasn't recommended, but I'm still experimenting on how far down the rabbit hole I'll need to go to rule it out. Many more strange issues like this, probably not to far.

But it seems I found the solution for it by doing some more searching. For some reason it wasn't populating the certificate in the /etc/pki/product folder. I had to manually copy it out of the /usr/share/rhsm/product/RHEL-7 folder and then run the subscription-manager repos --list command to verify and then upon running the yum repolist command it found the correct RHEL 7 repository and I was able to install what I needed.

Thanks again for the info.

Thanks for the explanation, Jay ! Well, as I told you earlier - right for testing purposes all that might be okay ... :)