OpenShift on AWS Deployment issues

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I have deployed successfully OpenShift on AWS and followed the directions.

I can get into the console but my issues are happening.
I created an A record in DNS for Openshift and did a cert for it using the AWS cert service.

If I type in that address, it eventually after multiple errors, and takes me to the actual address of the elb.

I've deployed a few apps, namely the CodeReady, however; openshift continues to just give me router.default.svc.cluster.local no matter what I change the router too.

I have an external route set up to my sample app and if I goto it, I receive the following:

"kind": "Status",
"apiVersion": "v1",
"metadata": {},
"status": "Failure",
"message": "forbidden: User \"system:anonymous\" cannot get path \"/app\": User \"system:anonymous\" cannot \"get\" on \"/app\"",
"reason": "Forbidden",
"details": {},
"code": 403

No idea what I'm doing wrong but I can't get access to any apps I've deployed.


Hi, I have same issue on my Workstation. Is there any solution / workaround available? Thanks

I am having a similar issue on a fresh 4.2.12 installation

Hi, I have same issue!