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Hi Team,
Can you please advise what username and password do I need to use if I need to install below package on my maven image.
yum -y install redhat-lsb libXScrnSaver

As when I built my maven image initially I did not use any subscription but now looks need to provide subscription to install above package.

Also do I need to pay anything to install the package as well.

Please advise.


Hi Sagar,

Yes, that is right you need to have an active subscription to download any packages/updates/errata from Red Hat Customer Portal. Please visit this link to know more about Subscription Management

After you purchase subscription the you could register it. Please refer the steps listed in the below article:

You may also be interested to check this registration assitant tool

You could also use Red Hat Developers Subscription:

FAQs on Developers Subscription:

Alternatively, if you've got the corresponding Server ISO image then you may try attaching it to the system, activate local repository, and try to install required packages.

I hope this helps.

All the best!