PSA: Do not use katello-agent to update your systems

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I had built a script which would utilize the katello-agent to install errata on. However, we started noticing that old kernels would not get cleaned up, filling /boot up and cause the server(s) to panic. I recently came across this article:

Which confirms that the katello-agent will not follow the install limit from yum.conf. The bug is apparently not a bug but rather a working as intended and no fix will be issued.

So if you're using katello-agent, stop and just use REX to update your systems, using yum update -y or feeding it the errata numbers. For me, I went with this method:

yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="rhel*" --disablerepo="rhel-source*" update -y

First, needed to disable all repos as we have many systems with repos that are not from RH, we do not want updates from those repos. Then, enable all the rhel repos which then enables the rhel-source repo, which was causing some timeout issues on some systems; so disabled it, then let yum run the updates.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for sharing Gary. We removed gofer due to performance issues and dependency katello-agent.

katello-host-tools and REX does the job.

I did not know about the katello-host-tools. Does the server still report the needed updates to Satellite so that it will show in the GUI/CLI what updates are needed?

Hi Gary,

Yes, servers still report needed updates to Satellite.

Satellite 6.2.11 added a plugin to yum that transmits the package report back to the Satellite server after a yum transaction. This data is also transmitted when the subscription-manager repos command is run. Since this yum plugin is part of the new katello-host-tools package shipped with the Satellite 6.2.11 client update, it's necessary that the new Satellite tools errata is installed on all content hosts.

You can read more about it here. Red Hat Satellite 6.2.11 Feature Overview: Goferless Host Management

Sam, Thank you for this information, very helpful!

Hi Gary,

It might be needed to disable rhel-beta repositories too.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Thank you, I did not consider that repo!