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while iam registering by hitting commands like • sudo subscription-manager register from Rhel os environment,it is not allowing me to add my subscription which is already activated of no-cost subscription instead it thrown the errors as following, error:
HTTP error (401 - Unauthorized): You must first accept Red Hat's Terms and conditions. Please visit . You may have to log out of and back into the Customer Portal in order to see the terms.
after entering into below link,
link to
it is again throwing an error as following,

Something went wrong. If the problem persists, please Contact Customer Service.


Hello Abhi Abhi,

Are you using American English or a local language (e.g. Arabic) during installation?

We have seen for example that a French installation pionts you to a wrong url to confirm the Red Hat Terms and conditions.

Running LANG=C subscription-manager register fixed the issue in that case.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

thanks Jan Gerrit Kootstra. Yes,of course! and i chosen English and ran the LANG=C subscription-manager register which you provided but again its showing the same error,let me know what happening.

Hello Abhi,

I do not know what is going wrong.

I suggest you to open a support case for this, I have seen this issue myself.


Jan Gerrit

Hi Abhi,

I recall having resolved this by accepting the license in Text Mode.
Invoking the Initial Setup manually let me register successfully ... :)



Sorry for hi-jacking the thread a bit but it might be a central issue with TNC. I'm trying to attach a subscription to one of my systems using the web interface and I get a similar message:

"Red Hat Terms and Conditions

In order to gain access to or use a Red Hat program and/or product, you must review and agree to all of the agreement(s) below. If you, or the company you represent, have a negotiated and executed agreement that is currently in effect with Red Hat that covers the same program(s) and product(s) covered below, your acceptance of these agreement(s) will not override your existing negotiated agreement(s) with Red Hat."