Average Time it takes to push updates to RHEL VM from RH Sat 5.8

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Today I noticed that when I scheduled new patches to a RHEL7 VM from a Red Hat Satellite 5.8, with internal DB, it took 3 hours for those patches to be applied. We now sync overnight via RHSM.

We used to run Red hat Satellite 5.6, with external Oracle DB, and when I schedule patches to RHEL 5/6 VMs, it would take 12 to 14 hours before those patches would be deployed to the VMs. We did not use RHN, as we were downloading ISOs and then uploading them to the RH Sat.

Now where I work the network bandwidth is heavily throttled during business hours. Both the RH Satellite and the RHEL VMs all live in the same subnet.

So I'm just wondering what is the average time it takes to schedule and deploy patches from a RH Satellite to RHEL Servers? Are there other things (like network or internal/external DB) to take into consideration with how much time it takes to schedule new patches?



Hi Christopher,

My experience is much better.

Satellite 5.8 with internal database (running on a small VM and managing over 1,000 RHEL systems) is easily capable of updating packages on a remote client in matter of 5-10 minutes.

Did you verify the speed of downloads when updating packages with yum?

Since both the RH Satellite and the RHEL VMs are on the same subnet, I assume there are no firewalls between them (packet filtering, deep inspection or IDP/IDS on the firewall are known to cause problems like you describe).

Did you find any error in the Satellite 5 logs?

If you suspect internal database issue, you might consider tuning:



Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)

Dusan, am I verifying the speed of when the RH Sat downloads from RHSM or when the RHEL VMs are download from the RH Sat? I'm not sure how to do this.

We are required to run (IPTables/IPv4) on all RHEL VMs. We don't control the network, so all of the security details and products used are hidden from us.

I haven't looked at any of the logs yet on the RH Sat 5.

Hi Christopher,

What you really care about is the transfer rate between the Satellite server and the VM. There are many ways to check it. For example tools like iftop, netstat, and much more.

A good reference from Red Hat:


You might also see if this gives you any further clues about "sanity" of the setup:


Typically use it as:

 # satellite-sanity -t general,Satellite_5


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)